About & Stockists

Our love for wild spaces runs deep, and we embody this spirit of adventure in every design we produce so you can wear it with pride.

The North West Trading Company has been established to provide local Australian communities with opportunities to buy the high-quality products they deserve. Founded in 2020 we aim to supply merchandise, prints and homewares that reflecting uniquely West Australian places, spaces and people. We are preparing to launch a pilot collection of tee shirts illustrating some inspiring state landscapes. Come on our journey as we launch in late 2020.

The NWTC was founded and inspired in Hedland (on Kariyarra, Ngarla, and Nyamal country) by John van Bockxmeer. During a sabbatical year in the Pacific Northwest, John was impressed by high quality regional branding and wondered we we don't have the same in Australia? He set out on a mission to work with like minded locals to transform the design standards across regional areas establishing a sustainable business model to promote local economy activity.


Vision: Products and designs that make you feel proud of where you live.

Mission: Providing local communities with opportunities to trade the high-quality products they deserve.


  1. Home-grown: nurturing local talent, benefiting communities.
  2. Design excellence: looks good, works well, feels great.
  3. Individualism: one-of-a-kind people, products and locales near and far.
  4. Philanthropy: supporting custodians of WA's unique places and spaces.

Founder: John van Bockxmeer, South Hedland @jvbockxmeer

Stockists: Western Australian Visitors Centre (William St Perth), Rottnest Island Visitors Centre