John van Bockxmeer, Founder & Operations 

John is a rural doctor based in South Hedland in the Pilbara region. During a sabbatical year in the Pacific Northwest John was impressed by high quality regional branding and wondered we we don't have the same in Australia? He set out on a mission to work with like minded locals to transform the design standards across regional areas establishing a sustainable business model to promote local economy activity. John has previously worked on a range of community organisations and projects including Fair Game Australia, FuturePerth, Red Party, Avocado House and the Main St Cooperation



John van Bockxmeer

Daniel Ang, Illustrator

Daniel Ang is currently working as a freelance artist in Perth and has spent the past several years honing his skills in 2D illustration. After studying Games Art and Design at Murdoch University, Daniel began to explore subject matter that appealed to him and focused his efforts to tell stories through his work. He primarily uses Adobe Photoshop and a drawing tablet to create his artwork, though pencils and ink pens remain helpful in the early stages of an illustration. Daniel’s work often involves cosy, intimate places and depicts characters existing in their own world, with a heavy emphasis on relaxation. Portraying his subject matter in a stylised graphic style, Daniel seeks to capture the complexities of the visual world in a simplified manner. 


Daniel Ang


Coralie Cameron, Illustrator

Coralie is in her final year studying Graphic Design and has carried an enthusiasm for creativity with her from a young age. During term breaks she loves going on adventures, exploring what WA has to offer. The combination of these two passions is what makes her enjoy the NWTC project so much.


Rethn, Illustrator

Rethn is a Perth-based artist coming from an illustration and graphic design background. They have clocked up many hours of their personal time working on improving their illustrative work. While having a keen interest in traditional mediums, their professional focus is on digital art. These works are explorative in subject, ranging from realistic portraiture to abstract work. There is a heavy overarching emphasis on colour within each piece, used to create a distinct mood and narrative or simply to create something unexpected.



John Raymond Gaza, Illustrator

John Raymond Gaza is an experienced Graphic Designer currently based in Perth, Western Australia. He is a minimalist designer who loves balance and white spaces. He always keeps it clean and simple. Coming from the Philippines, John believes that it is important to never stop learning and exploring, that's why he travelled to WA and furthered his studies in Graphic Design to improve his skills in the field and explore and experience the culture and arts of Australia.


Emily McGeough, Illustrator

Emily McGeough is an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design student. She has been creative since childhood, with interests in the visual arts throughout her schooling experience; drawing, painting, textiles and ceramics. Growing up in the Perth hills on a small avocado orchard, Emily has always been exposed to WA’s natural landscapes, and is appreciative of working with the North West Trading Company, showing off iconic Western Australian sites.